The Best Resort to Enjoy Holidays with Family at Wayanad

The Best Resort to Enjoy Holidays with Family at Wayanad
02-Dec-2021 Edgar Allan Poe

Planning to go on a trip with your family? There will be any place better than Wayanad? The lush green district in Kerala, "The Gods own Country", Wayanad is snuggled against the Western Ghats at an elevation of 700-2,100 m above sea level. The name Wayanad means "land of rice fields" in Tamil and is home to lush green spots that will make your vacation perfect! Resorts in Wayanad are famous for their luxury and scenic locations. Enjoy some precious moments with your family at the best resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad is home to pristine green landscapes, rice fields, coffee, tea plantations, and majestic mountains. Tourists of all kinds flock to the area and often enjoy luxurious resorts in Wayanad where they can enjoy the utmost comfort, serenity, and nature! Most travelers prefer to spend time relaxing in the bosom of nature and the serene atmosphere. If you are traveling with your family would want the same with more fun activities and there are numerous resorts in Wayanad that will suffix your needs

Resorts in Wayanad are renowned for the highest quality of services and amenities, along with the luxury they provide. Given below are some of the best resorts in Wayanad that will be ideal for you and your family

1. Arayal Resorts: Bound to Nature

Regarded as one of Wayanad's finest family luxury resorts, Arayal offers infinite luxury amenities. Here you can truly enjoy the breath-taking natural beauty while your kids run around in the green lawns breathing fresh air. One of Wayanad's most popular 5-star hotels, Arayal Resorts offers cosy accommodations making it a great place to stay in. Spend the best days at the villa cottage rooms at Arayal Resorts that will male a great place for a family vacation

  • Location: Bible Land Post Office, Manjura, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: Air-conditioned rooms, in-room refrigerator, LED satellite TV,complimentary breakfast buffet, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, fitness centre, and spa.
  • Tariff:
  •  INR 10,000 per night.

2. Banasura Hill Resort: A Mystic Beauty Amidst Nature

Hill Resort in Wayanad spread across 35 acres of lush countryside at 3,500 feet above sea level, Banasura Hill Resort was built using mud dug on the spot. The earthen cottages at the resort will take you closer to nature. Let your family relax and enjoy some fun moments amidst the greenery. There are various room availabilities offered. If you are a member of a huge family, choose twin villas

  • Location: Mananthavadi, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: Various types of rooms, suites, mini-suites, log cabins, twin villas, all with air conditioning, refrigerator, LED satellite TV, swimming pool, health, and fitness centre.
  • Tariff: INR 8,000 per night.

3. Wayanad Wild - CGH Earth: Nestled Deep in Nature's Backyard

CGH Earth is set to offer something unique to you, providing the best wildlife experiences in the hills of Western Ghats. Wayanad Wild is a truly rare vacation spot where you can find nature's habitat untouched and intact! Choose from any of the rooms which will be ideal for you and your family.

  • Location: Lakkidi Rainforest, Western Ghats, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: luxury cottages, swimming pool, mini bar, hiking, bird watching, trekking, outdoor activities such as farm visits.
  • Tariff: from 7,400 Indian Rupees per night.

4. Vythiri Village Resort: Rebound to Nature

Rolled out on 22 acres, this resort is a gem of a resort in Wayanad. The luxurious Vythiri Village echoes the perfect balance between nature and luxury products. Wake up to the scent of fresh coffee and spices and spend a relaxing day in Pool Villa where your kids can enjoy a great time in the pool. The resort also organizes a variety of activities such as ziplining, archery, creek walks, and cycling excursions for those looking for fun and exciting activities during their stay. Surprise your family with a cottage with an infinity pool and feel overwhelming joy.

  • Address: NH212, near the city of Vityri, Vytiri P.O., Wayanad, Kerala 673576.
  • Amenities: Infinity pool, spa, health club, kids play area, artificial waterfalls. hangingbridge, play station
  • Tariff: INR 20,000

5. Pepper Trail Resort: Closer to Nature

Set on expansive 200 acres of colonial coffee and spice plantations, this tastefully decorated boutique resort offers a chance to relive the essence of a bygone era. Stay in the huts that display the traditional architecture of Kerala and let your kids enjoy something unique. This captivating 140-year-old stylishly furnished bungalow adds can charm anyone. Reunite with the roots of your native.

  • Address: Mangalam Carp Estate Chulliyode, Sulthan BatheryChulliyode Road, Sultan Bathery, Kerala
  • Amenities: The luxurious treehouse is only accessible via an overhead walkway, kayaking, restaurants
  • Tarife: 11000 INR

6. Wayanad Village Hotel: A Blend of Luxury and Nature

When was the last time you enjoyed a view with greenery, the mist rising over the valley, and being completely relaxed? This is what awaits you at the Wayanad Village Hotel. The Village Hotel is all about the mist and green, chirrups of birds, rustle of leaves, and the sound of nature. Get your family away from the busy noise of the city, where they can enjoy the best moments of life.

  • Location: Niravilpuzha, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: Three types of rooms including Silver, Gold and Platinum complete with an air conditioner, room refrigerator, TV with satellite channels, 24 hours room service and Swimming pool.
  • Tariff: INR 5,500/- per night

7. Lake Rose Wayanad: An Escape to Nature

LakeRose Wayanad Resort is one of Wayanad's classic luxury boutique resorts. An ideal place to rediscover and rejuvenate yourself in the serenity of nature. Here you can spend some precious moments with your family. Surrounded by lush greenery and uncrowded surroundings, Lake Rose offers a unique experience in total privacy. If your family loves privacy, consider this aesthetically designed stay for your vacation.

  • Location:  near Karapuzha reservoirs, Wayanad
  • Amenities: Air-conditioned room with lake view, LED satellite TV, tea/coffee maker, in-room refrigerator, free wifi, meeting room, multi-ethnic restaurant, barbecue, badminton shuttle.
  • Tariff: INR 6,500 per night.

8. Chateau Woods: Valleys of Happiness

Chateau Woods is inspired by former British Tea Estate colonial bungalows. This uniquely designed 7-room hotel is located on a hilltop Wayanad with spectacular views of the Suipara Falls Valley and the nearby Bellarimala Mountains. Each spacious and cozy guest room creates a sophisticated style with a harmonious combination of secluded space and open design using natural materials.

  • Location: Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: Nice and cozy rooms with luxurious properties, free wifi, LED satellite TV, free breakfast, restaurant, private waterfall, and lush garden.
  • Tariff: INR 6,000 per night.

9. Abad Brookside Resort: A True Charmer

Do you want to spend a relaxing day with your family members? Away from the city, secluded and in perfect harmony with nature, Abad Brookside Resort is a paradise. Abad Brookside Resort, nestled in the misty greens of Wayanad. Enjoy your holidays at Abad Brookside Vythiri, which will give you the perfect retreat from everyday work. Western Ghats' lush forests, misty mountains, and streams crisscrossing the edges of Abad Brookfield make it one of Wayanad's premium resorts for couples to experience the quintessence of nature while enjoying a luxurious getaway.

  • Address: Abad Brookside Lakkidi, Vythiri, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: infinity pool, Ayurvedic spa, wellness center, and multi-ethnic restaurant.
  • Tariff: Starting from 5500 per night

10. Vytiri Holiday Resort: Queen of Vythiri

The resort is ideally located away from the chaos of the city and surrounded by nature.One of Wayanad's premium family resorts with a private pool that exudes leisurely luxury and modesty is a perfect vacation spot for you and your family. The resort's unique design will make your stay in this place that promises an unforgettable experience. Vythiri Resort is designed to accommodate all types of guests and is ideal for families. The mist-capped mountains of the Western Ghats surrounding the luxury resort make it one of the best places to experience the serenity and breathtaking views.

  • Address: Next to Charity Church, Old Vithiri, Wayanad, Kerala.
  • Amenities: Restaurant offering a wide range of cuisines, villas with private pools, business center, conference center, 24-hour cafe, library, Ayurvedic spa.
  • Tariff: Starting from 5000 per night

Visiting Wayanad is both a pleasure and an adventure. Families can enjoy the serenity of nature for world-class resorts in Wayanad. Experience the best vacation of your lifetime at the best resorts in Wayanad that keep you close to nature. What are you waiting for? book your tickets now.